Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes are designed for students who live far away and cannot take advantage of our local classes, camps and academic circles.

To be admitted into the virtual program, students not only need to be eager, but also have to be ready to take on the more advanced curriculum. So virtual classes are limitted to students who have demonstrated proficiency and are ready to work independently on the weekly challenges. A mathematical level of maturity beyond their particular school grade level is a must for a student who functions successfully in a virtual class. 

In cases when younger students are involved, a parental support can be very important to keep the student up to date with electronic submissions of the homework assignments and explorations. We do not recommend these classes for very young students, but occasionally there is a talented student working years ahead of grade level standard and those particular youngsters tend to do very successfully with our virtual classes.

Virtual students are given access to exclusive materials and are always welcome to participate in contests administered by New Jersey Enrichment Academy.