Test preparation

Comprehensive Important Math Topics Review (upper MS and HS students)


This class option is designed for upper middle school students and beginning high school students who would benefit from a comprehensive overview with extensions on the most important mathematical topics. Students are responsible for weekly homework practices in addition to the class lectures and need to be ready to dedicate outside of class time for completion of weekly assignments.

Perfect Score on Math (HS students or upper MS students who have mastered school Pre-Algebra and Algebra)


This class option is designed for high school students who are ready to train for a perfect score on the math sections of SAT and ACT. Students in this class should be able to score at least 650 (out of 800) on the math section of any test. The class will not cover fundamental topics in great detail but will tackle the most difficult problems and traps from standardized tests. Students will be given weekly tests as practice with the hardest problems found on such tests to practice on. Weekly solution sets are collected and graded and meetings times are used to discuss interesting solutions and strategies. Instructors for this class are perfect scorers and will share their strategies and the thinking that brought those high marks.