We offer small group classes as well as individual instruction and a very wide variety of courses to meet diverse learners’ needs. 

We think that it is crucial for students to be placed in the appropriate level classes in order to ensure a positive lifelong learning outcome and provide the appropriate level of challenge and academic progress. We also offer virtual classes to students who live far to take our academy’s face-to-face classes. 

In addition to the classes we offer, we form and train a very selective mathematics team that competes yearly in the most reputable contests in mathematics. Our students have been awarded various state awards and have achieved national recognition in past year events. Even though we do not push students to be overly competitive or to be involved in contest events, we encourage students who are ready for a challenge to try to make the team. Most of our ambitious students try out but participation is entirely voluntary.

The individual tabs contain brief descriptions of our courses by type but if you are unsure about the appropriate class to register for, please schedule a conference to discuss your family’s learning goals and your child’s mathematics background. We can advice you on the right placement and can administer a placement test.