New Jersey Enrichment Academy

New Jersey Enrichment Academy is specialized in math & science enrichment instruction. Our instructors are not college or high school students/tutors paid by the hour, but teachers, professors and professionals who care about our students’ learning and know their subject matter in depth. They love their subjects and have experience teaching college level classes in addition to regular school classes and are able to diversify instruction as needed with each class.

We believe that mathematics instruction is not just about covering the fundamental skills and drills needed for state tests & school assessments but also about learning to think and approach unfamiliar problems for years to come. With that in mind, in our classes, we challenge students to develop their analytical and logical skills and work on developing their intuition and confidence to face future unsolved problems. 

Each student’s progress is carefully monitored and both instructors and parents are encouraged to keep the line of communication open so that learning issues are addressed in a timely manner. We give recommendation to parents and advance students as necessary.